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Focal length:18 mm
Aperture:f 3.5
Shutter:1/40 sec
"Enchanting" 02/18/2009
One of my oldest friends lives on campus at Duke with her husband who is a member of the university staff. They showed me around the very stately property during my visit. It's rich in history and definitely has a different feel than my college experience. Private schools are unique in their own way (good and bad) but more importantly it was clearly more culturally diverse than where I went to school. Diversity and inclusiveness have always been important to me. Had I had the luxury of choosing any school and considered it an important factor in my decision, no doubt I would've had a more enriching experience. I didn't know any better. To this day, I still wonder how different my life would be if I went somewhere else. I'm not gonna whine though because I've always been a hater of school. That's a topic for another day.

Something else I noticed during my visit. Lots of organized parties on campus. Apparently, there are no drinking rules. Students were throwing formal keggers outside and in dorm common areas. Kinda weird seeing that. At every other school I've visited, people leave campus to party.

Took this shot inside the chapel on West Campus. Durham, NC.