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Focal length:18 mm
Aperture:f 3.5
Shutter:1/2 sec
"Empire" 12/19/2008
It was a perfect evening to be on the Empire State Building. I planned a late night trip so we'd avoid all the tourists. They close at 2am everyday. There was no line at all but by looking at the large area they had roped off, I imagine you could potentially be waiting for hours during peak time. The place is setup very much like Disney World where they try to sell you crap at every turn. "Hey come over here, you need a map!" I think we were hassled 3 times to buy a map. Then they make you stand in front of a green screen to get your simulated picture on top of the building and before you can exit they send you through the souvenir shop.

The last time I'd been here was during a high school orchestra trip. I don't remember it all and I doubt I even cared at the time. It was awesome this time. We stayed for quite a bit, enjoyed the views and random conversation with strangers. This is the northern view of Manhattan.