The violin sings
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Focal length:65 mm
Aperture:f 4.5
Shutter:1/3 sec
"The violin sings" 08/30/2006
Not the best photo considering I was too lazy to get the tripod out. It was shot with a slow shutter and could've come out more crisp and in focus if I took the time to setup. I was in a reminiscent mood which is why I got the old violin out of the closet. It was painfully out of tune but luckily none of the strings were broken. I kept music I played in hs and college (previous post). I don't need to say that it's never been cool to be in orchestra. But cool shmoool, I felt a sense of accomplishment playing in college. I put in an insane amount of time/effort to keep up with the music majors. In the end, it burned me out and turned me off. Even so, every now and again the thought of a joining a local symphony crosses my mind. It would be a huge time commitment, one I'm not sure I'm willing to commit to, not to mention all the prep to get back into condition to play at that level... but who knows...